Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm A Lucky Puppy

So, my mum braved the Walk for Hunger traffic today to get to Target in order to stock up on Polka Dog Bakery goodies for me! For those of you who live outside of Boston, or Massachusetts in general, the Walk for Hunger is a twenty mile charitable walk, which equates to a ton of traffic and major detours. Today happened to be the launch of The Shops at Target, which is a collection of merchandise from their favorite shops across the country, all of which was designed specifically for Target. She bought me three boxes of treats, plus a toy snow cone and ice cream sandwich since she couldn't decide which was cuter. She thinks I have too much stuff and that I should probably share some of it with my cousins. As long as she plans on replenishing the supply some time in the near future, I'll agree to that! ;P

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