Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boot Boycott

My mum has purchased and returned two sets of doggie booties for me this year. Fortunately, it hasn't been a snowy winter. She has noticed that on the rare occasion there was snow or ice on the ground, my little paws would freeze up a lot quicker than usual, causing me to act all over dramatic and demand that she pick me up and carry me home immediately. She thought it might be a good idea to "invest" in some boots for me. Little did she know, it's virtually impossible to find any small enough for my tiny tootsies that will actually stay on once I move! Length, width, you name it — it was a pain. She got frustrated and decided that she'd rather carry me around after I get all slushy than go through the trouble of putting all four boots on me and then trying not to lose any. I could've told her I'd win this one! ;)

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