Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Carols

In order to get into the holiday spirit, I've been singing a lot of Christmas carols. I really like Feliz Navidad because it reminds me of my sato heritage. Fritz complains that I give him a headache. What does he know?! I think I may audition for the next American Idol... ;P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes

So Monday morning shortly after we get out of bed, my mum gasps and asks, "What happened to your face?!" It turns out, the right side was swollen to twice its size. She got me to the vet as early as possible and the diagnosis was a fractured tooth and abscess. Ouch! The tooth had to come out right away, which required surgery. Here is a picture of me in the hospital waiting room. The swelling in my cheek looks like I've got a golf ball in there.


The surgery was a success and while I was extremely groggy, I went straight back to eating and chewing like I normally do. Didn't want to waste any perfectly good food after all. ;) The swelling gradually went down and I got to go to work with my mum on Friday. By then, I looked like my old self once again. I was feeling so much better that I couldn't sit still while she was trying to get a photo of me with her Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I was just so excited to have that rotten tooth out of my mouth — that and I can't wait to see what Sandy Claws brings me for a present this year. I swear I've been a good girl... I think anyway. Just don't ask Fritz to confirm!