Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Homage to Cadbury

My mum is a huge fan of Cadbury's Easter candy... and that's an understatement. She stocks up on their Mini and Creme Eggs as soon as they're available in stores every year and she'll continue buying them for as long as they're on the shelves. Fritz and I wonder how it is she doesn't weigh 500 pounds! Anyway, she thinks because she's such a good customer, Cadbury owes her some kind of commission. She's not looking for anything monetary though — she'd be perfectly happy if they made Fritz and I their honorary mascots for one year in lieu of that boring white rabbit. How do you think we look?


Chicco said...

Oh Kipper, they look so beautiful and original.
It's a good idea. And i would like to eat them.


Kitty+Coco said...

Nice to know there is someone else out there who loves Cadbury Mini Eggs as much as our mom does. That is a lot!

Kitty and Coco

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